Linda B. Vozzella

Linda, a Registered Louisiana Interior Designer, earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and then acquired over 30 years of experience in residential and some commercial installations. Her work ranges from traditional to contemporary styles.

Whether working with floor plans for layouts and traffic flow, choosing construction related materials, or simply finding just the right items to show the client’s tastes and meet their needs within their home or workspace, Linda strives to make the client feel “at home” and satisfied that the room truly reflects their inner vision. She personally prefers more of an art deco and contemporary style, but is a designer who will focus on the client’s likes and desires, remaining simply the tool to guide and help them achieve their goals. She feels that creating a space in which people feel happy and comfortable helps to give each day a positive start or a peaceful ending.

Outside her design interests, Linda loves the outdoors, boating, swimming, walking, vacationing and dining with family and friends.