Express Your Distinct Vision

At Hancock & Moore understands that style emanates from within. That is why each Hancock & Moore original is custom-made to your exacting requirements. Whether you choose the classic Vaughn wingback in Weston Cane Burnished leather or an Adrian Jade crocodile-embossed top-grain hide?your personal choice defines your own unique style. Hancock & Moore offers endless choices of leather, fabric, trim and wood finishes with the end result being a fabulous piece of furniture that conveys your distinct vision. Under the stitching, you?ll know that their tradition of hand-built quality and pride in craftsmanship ensures that your statement of self-expression will last for generations to come.

Hancock & Moore has been making masterpieces since 1981 when master craftsman Jimmy Moore turned his lifetime passion for furniture making into a legacy. Jimmy grew up learning the skills of an artisan, turning wood into beautiful, heirloom furniture. He spent hours hand-carving, sanding, sewing, and upholstering exclusive pieces using this time-honored approach.

To this day, up to 80 hours are spent handcrafting a piece of Hancock & Moore furniture. Every sofa, game chair, and bench bears the signature of the artisan who created it, reflecting the hard day?s work that went into its construction. To Hancock & Moore, custom-made furniture is the purest form of self-expression. That is why they have spent the past 30 years creating furniture exactly as you envisioned, making it truly as unique as you are.


Whether traditional or contemporary in style, frames in furniture from Hancock & Moore are solidly built. The corners are double-dowelled and reinforced with corner blocks that are screwed into place. This ensures the joints will remain solid over the lifetime of the piece. Since their foundation, Hancock & Moore has worked from one basic principle ? to build fine furniture of uncompromising quality that endures for generations. Up to 80 hours are spent constructing a Hancock & Moore style ? the time needed for the quality construction that has become their hallmark. Techniques such as eight-way hand-tied springs give Hancock & Moore a distinctive niche in the industry. As many as 17 craftsmen will have worked on a single piece, devoting countless hours to creating a Hancock & Moore original.

The Creation of Handcrafted Furniture